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Brands that offer the most energy-efficient AC in India

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An air conditioner is an appliance that helps to cool a space at a given point in time. It should have certain features to enhance the user experience. It should cool the room, beat the heat, lower the humidity level, and, above all, save energy. There are a number of brands that offer the best energy-efficient AC in India. Such appliances function optimally and also keep utility bills low. Let us discuss these AC brands in detail here.

Energy efficiency in air conditioners and ways to measure it.

The efficiency of the room air conditioner will be measured in EER. It stands for Energy Efficiency Ratio. This is the cooling capacity of the appliance, given in British Thermal Units. For example, if an air conditioner has 12,000 BTU, then it takes up about 1200 watts. And it will have an EER rating of 10. The higher the EER rating of the appliance, the more efficient the appliance will be. While buying a new air conditioner, it is important to look into the Energy Star label. The best energy-efficient AC in India will have a five-star rating. 


What is a good EER rating?

If the AC has an EER of 12, then it is energy efficient. The value will depend on outdoor and indoor temperature and relative humidity. 

Best energy-efficient AC in India: 

If you have air conditioners at home and if you look forward to lowering your electricity bills, then you have to check the energy efficiency of your air conditioner. The brands that sell the best energy-efficient AC in India are as follows. 

  1. Carrier Midea:

Carrier Midea offers world-class air conditioning solutions and offers the best energy-efficient AC in India. Its range of appliances meets the demands of the market. Its appliances are affordable, durable, and are of very high quality. The brands also offer seamless after-sales service, revolutionizing the air conditioning industry. 

  1. Blue Star:

Blue star air conditioners have a five-star rating. They are cost-effective and help us to save on energy bills. They work on inverter technology, and their compressor adjusts the speed of operation according to the cooling needs. 

  1.  Lloyd:

Lloyd is also an efficient AC brand that sells the best 1-ton split AC with exceptional energy efficiency. Its units are in turbo cool mode, which is capable of bringing down the room temperature easily. 

  1. O General:

O General offers the best 1 ton split AC for those seeking top-tier cooling performance. Its appliances are energy efficient and have a five-star rating. Its copper condenser contributes to its high performance and its extended life.

  1. Voltas:

The best feature of Voltas air conditioners is that they have a self-diagnostic feature. Its system can identify and detect any faults in the unit instantly. The ACs also feature an auto-restart option, which can be useful during power interruption.

The best energy-efficient AC in India:

Carrier Emperia Nxi is the best energy efficient AC in India. This air conditioner has WiFi inverter functionality and is of the split variant. It is known for its superior cooling performance, and functions exceptionally well, even at the extreme of weather conditions. Its unique capabilities are as follows.

  • The AC is built with a four-in-one flexicool technology
  • It functions on hybridjet technology for fast cooling
  • It is capable of working ambiently even at 55 degrees Celsius.
  • The manufacturer offers 10 years warranty on its compressor
  • Its condenser is made of 100% copper 
  • It has a 2.5 PM filter to render fresh air.
  • The appliance has a BEE 5-star rating.
Bottom Line:

Carrier Midea offers the best energy efficient AC in India. By using the appliance, we will be able to save a lot of money on the utility bills. It also works on an environment friendly refrigerant, and is thus safe both indoors and outdoors.

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